Sabtu, 01 November 2014

I am sure this system is going to be a goldmine for many of you who are serious and ambitious linkbuilders, because it is going to help you rank simply ANYTHING you want, but of course it would come to the question as to how ambitious you are! Now there are services out there providing you high PR “homepage” contextual links with a subscription plan. But once you cancel the subscription, your links will normally get removed and there is nothing permanent and sustainable you are doing. There are also people selling high PR blog network subscription plans where although, your links are likely to be stay on their networks, however there is still one thing that would make you feel uncomfortable with. Link power Vs. Reliability Surely if you have the money to buy their service, others will be able to do the same, which means the blogs within their networks will just get more and more articles inside them, Which means more OBLs there… Which also means that your links may be on the homepage today, but will definitely be bumped to the next, and next, and next pages in no time… Which “may” also mean that their blogs will have more and more similar categories covering similar topics, making them suspicious in Google’s eyes… Which inevitably means a big decrease in link power those links as well as reliability. No, I have no intention to make any offense to these services, and if they manage their blog networks well, it is not a big deal at all. Indeed, there are already increasing amounts of these blog network link sellers limiting the spots available to the public as well as making their blog network sites as niche-specific as possible, which is indeed great news to hear.

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